What Happens on Thursday Nights?

Hi, good question!

Every Thursday, Watch This Space Improv hosts an evening of improvised entertainment, but there IS a structure.

The Comedy Clubhouse is a quirky and wonderful venue slap bang in the centre of the city.

If you arrive at the theatre part before 8pm, you can join us in some warm up exercises. You don’t have to be an improviser to join us. You don’t have to play in any of the later jam games to join us. If you’re new and don’t know anybody, it’s a great way to get to know some smiling faces and some names straight away.

The exercises are usually pretty simple and fun, and you don’t need to be a native English speaker – we will explain them for you, and we can even translate to Spanish if you’re confused.

At 8pm, we start – the first half is almost always a jam, and most of the time, the hosts will explain how a game works, then ask for audience members to volunteer by raising their hands. Raise your hand quickly! And even if others are chosen before you, raise it anyway, as we like to make it fair for people who haven’t gotten up as much, and also to know if we need to play a game twice.

Sometimes we ask for hands BEFORE we explain a game – be brave!
We also almost always start and end with the group games “Top That” and “Sex With Me is Like…” Why? Because everyone gets a chance to play, and when it’s the same games every week, you know what’s coming and can volunteer safely. Many regular performers started by getting up for those two games!

The second half, we sometimes have a performance team. There might be a theme, or a competition. It might be comedy, or it might have a more serious twist. It might be more games, it might be in Spanglish, and it might feature international visitors. Every week is different, and even when the theme might be the same, with improvisation, the content of the show will always change, based on the audience suggestions.

All our performances are free – but we have a cash box and card reader for donations to help us keep going!

If this hasn’t answered your question, or if you have a team that might want to perform, please contact us!